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May contain nuts.

[In desperate need for a catchy title]

So what am I going to write about today?

I guess my last post is so long ago you must believe I left GYW and let Squize do all the posting. Well, no. I just had nothing to write about, nothing even mildly related to games anyway.

And while Squize wrote all this posts (and awesome games), I wrote … an online picture database. This 'small' project took way, and I really mean WAY longer than I thought. My first guess was 'ok, maybe three month, max four' - lesson learned there. In the end it took a year and changed from a very basic database driven website to schow (and sell) some 40 years worth of black and white press fotos to an ajax driven catalog monster. There is a quite complex backend to handle the images' keywords and background informations, import and upload methods, a product and discount editor and a whole lot more, that makes up a good third of the all-in-all 54,000 lines of code - ok this includes some 9k lines of javascript and a lot of css.

By the way, if you happen to speak German, go have a look at it (otherwise you've just have to click on "Fotosuche":

And if you like a hairy leg on a woman, have a look at these "swimsuit models", (And while you're at it consider buying a few prints :) )

Now that I got this out of the system, I can as well add something about why it took so damn long (about 10 month):

1. style and code revisions. As I mentioned earlier this one got bigger than the first idea, this wasn't such a big problem as it was an inhouse project.
2. oh and it was an inhouse project. So adding things, tweaking design and layout caused some rewrites and with no fixed schedule … do I have to say  more?
3. Ajax. Ajax eats time, and imho javascript sucks (even when using  jquery). Until I started to use Aptana Studio each fucking line was a chore (and honestly still is).
4. customers :-), just when I really was deep into the c# code of the backend there was scheduled client work ahead.

Although looking back now I'm quite proud of it.

And now - finally - games.

Right after (and when I really couldn't face serverside anymore) I started working on two games. One's nearly finished: a flash puzzler based on two cute (and cute normally isn't a word I like to use in this context) robots called Nuts and Bolts. The other one is an Unity based gamed re-using an old game idea of mine where you collect items and solve small switch based puzzles to reach the level's exit. It's got quite an unusual control scheme which I hope will bring some mobile/gyro feel to the mouse using gamer (and later be ported to Android without much trouble).

Right, enough text for me, here's a big lot of screenies:




I'll let these stay uncommented.

And now ... levels for Nuts & Botls