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Filesave - a lazy man's way to get text from swf to file ...

This time I'll post a little tool I wrote earlier this week out of sheer lazyness.

My current game comes along quite well, and the built in editor slowly takes shape and while I'm able to create simple levels now I still can't save them because the backend it all relies on is not yet written ...

As I don't have control over the backend I still want to save out my level-data, though as the editor is built in, each new version of the game might bring changes that need to be saved with the map.

I do use Zinc a lot, but imho it's quite a pain to test with and thinking about compiling the swf, switching to Zinc, compiling the exe just to be able to save my data just doesn't appeals to me.

I could do it as AIR app, but yet again, I don't want to dig into it too deep now for just saving a piece of text ...

So what now?

The solution is as easy as it can get: start Filesave, add the Filesave Class to your swf and just use it to save the file through Filesave.

The current version is rough as a piece of coal, but it does what it shoould right now and that's all I care for atm.

The Filesave UI

"set file" - let's you set the file to save to - no file no save.
"autosave" - saves when data comes in, best used with ...
"overwrite" - replaces the files when saving
"data" - the data to be saved
"save" -  manual save
"clear" - clears data field
"status" - guess ...

And because I think that there are people out there who can use this ... (2,92 MB)

it contains Filesave 0.1, the API and a demo swf. (the first posted version apparently contained a version of Filesave, that didn't work, fixed now)

Have fun, leave comments here, nGFX