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Killing the beast, one start at a time ...

I think I mentioned one or two times how much I don't like the maker of Flash. I really wonder what kind of morons make the decisions there. Even though I mentioned my utter dismay with Flash one too many times, I still think it's a great piece of software that deserves better than what it is getting from it's makers.

Remember the "Flash is the gaming platform for the net" blurb? So what has happened so far?

I really wonder why they don't start to push Flash more, trying harder to establish Flash as multi platform development environment and getting rid of the "all you can do with it are annoying ads" notion.

Oh well.

(And just to mention it: who the fuck is responsible for the shit UI in CS6? ... No I'm not sold on Creative Cloud either and I *never* will be)

Anyway the point of this post is closely related to my move to a new PC and the re-install of CS6, as after I was done installing it (ok, just Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver out of the Master Suit), I had a look at the autostart panel in windows' (8.1) TaskManager.

Big A has added 6(!) new entries to the list:

  • Acro Tray, Adobe Systems Inc. (ugly icon, btw)
  • Adobe Acrobat SpeedLauncher, Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Adobe CS6 Service Manager, by ... right
  • Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager, ...
  • Adobe Updater Startup Utility
  • Switchboard Server (32 bit)

WHAT THE FUCK is all that shit? (This is a rhetorical question).

I like to mention that everything still works fine without these.

All in all, 17 entries have been added to startup by various applications, of which all but 5 remained, plus one I set up myself.
Some of the entries that remained:

  • Acronis with 2 (no need for the image mounter)
  • Logitech Setpoint (for better mouse and keyboard settings)
  • Deamon Tools (for the need of a virtual drive at times)
  • 1 of the 2 NVIDIA entries (no need for the capture service proxy)
  • LanLights (the one I set up intentionally, a neat little app to show network traffic, also has a neat tray icon)

While I was at it I gave the registry startups a good bash (using CCleaner) and found more Adobe entries to kill (Adobe Bridge to note one) and if you are as annoyed as me about Acrobat adding his dirty fingers all over the system with adding "Convert to PDF" to each and every context menu you can get rid of it with this:

(This is for the 64 bit version AND cs6, but you should be good to adapt for other versions quite easy)...

regsvr32 /u "%programfiles(x86)%\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat Elements\ContextMenu64.dll

To run this little gift, use "Run as Admin" while starting CMD and reboot afterwards.

... and now have a nice week, I'll be coding like a mad god on non-game stuff.

-- Oliver / nGFX