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< I wrote this yesterday, but then my net connection poo'd out on me, so it's a little bit past tense >

It's good to be back. My first free day for as long as I can remember ( This year at least ). It feels pretty damn great to be honest.

The main reason I'm free right now is that the Maths based educational project I was working on got cancelled the other day. There's a neat little story about life imitating art, indulge me a minute,


Basically ( If you don't want to leave us ) an asteroid passed pretty damn close to the earth the other day.
The weird thing was that the concept of the game I was working on was to use maths to target a missile at an earth bound asteroid. So when I was in a meeting hearing how it was canned, we were all just a couple of hours away from starting over again and living in caves.

If you wrote it in a story it just wouldn't fly.

There's another game I'm close to based on the whole asteroids as the bad guys theme, and today I had a good crack at it again.

Where the development has been paused for such a long time, I'm not a 100% sure what's new and what's kinda new. So forgive any repetition.

The final flv is on the title screen now, and it looks great. It's really large in terms of filesize and ideally we'll be able to cut that down somehow and retain the quality, but it is a thing of beauty, nGFX has done some great work there ( It's worth watching all the way through, trust me ).
The player movement is less, well, shit, which is always a plus.
Options are in there now. Well, a button saying Options, I really wouldn't press it as you'll probably have to reload the swf ( Although you'll be able to look at our logo rather than a blank screen again, which is another new thing ).
( Adding that options button was a ton of work due to the curved text and the set in stone way I'd set things up. That'll teach me ).
The "play" options are in. They're all unlocked now so you guys can check them out easily, but in real life you won't see those options if none of those features are unlocked ( ie, pressing Play will just make the game play as you'd expect without an extra click ).
Notes are gone. They weren't that great so sod it, they're dead and buried.
There's a lens flair in the game now, although it's pretty subtle and is based on a "Chroma fan" rather than a usual flare.

I'm sure there must be some other bits and bobs, but those are the main things that spring to mind. As always, the latest build is here, thanks for taking the time to give it a bash.


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  • Jeff Fulton

    3/6/2009 6:49:40 PM |

    Great story, Squize.It's hard to escape the paradox and the irony of the game/real life/other game situation.  I really like how the game(X) is coming along. The rocks being displaced based on the direction of the player's shots and the spark like particles that shoot off when there is a hit are  very nice touches.
    Also, KUDOS on the pong clock. Bushnell would be proud.

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