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Avatar torture porn

Anyone who knows me knows I'm scared of spiders. I know as a man I'm meant to put on this brave macho front at all times, but get a decent sized spider near me and I will openly scream like a girl no matter who is there to see. Fear beats shame every time.

If I know there is a spider loose around the house, or to use the technical term "Gone rogue", then I'm not too happy about walking around in bare feet. Not so much the thought of squishing it underfoot, but it being able to scurry out onto my bare feet and then run up my leg before laying a million eggs in my testicles. Ok, possibly the worst case scenario, but when it comes to phobias that's how they work. They stop you thinking like a normal person and they turn you into a quivering mess of irrational fears.

I think I've set the background there, you should kind of know where I'm coming from. If spiders aren't your thing just replace it with snakes or rats or clowns or whatever it is that you know shouldn't freak you out but does.

That's why I feel so badly for the avatar in our current build of Knight's Quest. It wasn't planned this way, it just kind of happened.


Naked in a field surrounded by giant nasty spiders. Some how I've coded my worst nightmare. Actually he's bald and has no genitals too, so combined with the herd of venom dripping spiders, that really is my worst nightmare.

I guess I should explain why we've got a naked guy in our game, and why I thought it would be a good idea to code the one animal that makes my blood run cold, but I think that would distract from a good story, so I'm not going to.

More ( Fully clothed ) Knight's Quest stories soon...


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  • bas

    9/14/2010 3:50:48 PM |

    I mentally changed the spiders for ducks. I scared the hell out of me :-)

    Great looking graphics there! Is that Lux's work?

  • Squize

    9/15/2010 11:41:18 AM |

    Yeah those are Lux's pixels. We should be in a position to really start spamming the blog with screen shots real soon ( Ideally when the avatar has some clothes ).

  • Mushyrulez

    9/22/2010 1:04:36 AM |

    Well, at least they can't lay a million eggs in your testicles now :P

  • Gaming Hacks

    9/24/2010 10:27:11 AM |

    Great looking graphics there! Is that Lux's work?

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