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Big restructuring time. Again. *sigh*

Way back in the days of Outpost:Swarm I wrote how we did the Wingman AI ( Here if you're interested ). Well, that's had to change.

The past day or two I've been re-working it so it uses the same pathfinding routines as the baddies. The reason for this ? Hang on, let's liven this post up with a picture of the new C4 weapon first otherwise it's going to be really dull.

It means I don't have to maintain two pathfinding type approaches, one just for the wingman and another for the baddies, which is a bit mental. Plus we're going to be adding human baddies on level 8 ( The one in the grab above ) so "fixing" the wingman AI is a good template for that.

This hasn't been too painful, but a knock on effect from this is needing to update all the bullet classes. Quite a lot of people mentioned in the feedback to Swarm that they'd like it if the wingman changed weapon, so we're going to add that. The game engine was never really designed for that, hence my big re-write of the code for it today. So the wingman will have access to the assault rifle as before, as well as the pulse rifle, the shotgun, the SMG and the flamethrower ( 'Cause it looks so sexy not to let him use it ).

The bigger plus side to all this is that the baddie humans on level 8 will also have access to all these weapon types. Aliens and humans fighting each other, and you and your wingman, all using different weapons. I can't wait.


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  • Lux

    5/8/2013 7:24:13 PM |

    I'll be honest, can't wait either - it will be the closest we ever got to MP :)

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