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Blitter engine: Benchmarks

Ok, before anyone says "You said you weren't going to do any benchmarks, you said. Wanker" I had a rush of inspiration the other night to improve the blitter engine, so I figured I need to have my own benchmark test to make sure I'm not just wasting my time.

And because I'm a giver rather than a taker, I figured it wouldn't kill me to do a pointless sprite based one just to show how slow they [ Sprites ] are.
Before we go any further, I'm busy working with our new favourite client ( We may even have a game to show next week. Yeah, actually producing something rather than talking about it ), which means I'm knackered, which in turn means the examples are as ugly as you like.
Also it's not a case of getting them all running as fast as possible, it's to show the relative speed between them. We're not trying to break records here, it doesn't matter how high we piss, more how the three approaches compare to each other.

The first test just uses sprites with a bitmap for the scrolling background ( ie, the background isn't wrapped in a sprite, it's just a bitmap added directly to the stage ). For this test we only run a 1000 sprites ( Ha, only. In Flash5 that really would have been a record ).


Yeah, ugly and not even embedded, but it's only for us to see. All the tests can take a little while, once all the sprites are active you'll see "Finished" and then it's worth checking out the fps.

Next up it's a test using bitmaps, like the scroller they are added straight to the screen. 3000 of the bad boys this time.


You should roughly be getting the same fps as the sprite test, but with 2000 more objects running ( I get around 31-35, but let's not get too hung up on the actual frame rate, as I'm running snow leopard on a macbook pro and using Firefox as my browser. You more than likely won't be, it's all about the relative speeds ).

Final test, 3000 bobs a blitting, and the scroller background is also being blitted.


Now for me it runs slightly quicker than test2 in the browser ( I'm not running the debug version in the browser ), but locally the bitmap version ran faster by around 5fps or so.

I'm not overly advocating the blitter approach compared to bitmaps, I'm not trying to sell the blitter engine to you. Bitmaps give you a lot more of everything, you get all the lovely blendmodes, rotation, alpha etc. All the good stuff you don't get in a straight forward copyPixels() engine.
The advantage of the blitter engine is that it's better suited to mobile devices, it will run better on an iPhone than a bitmap approach. Moot point I know, but don't forget we're all going to be writing Android games real soon.
Also the framework for dealing with layers is there and working, if you're using bitmaps then you've got to write your own framework for such things ( And if you do, please post it on your blog so I can get a copy ).

Let's recap as it's late, bitmaps are great, the blitter engine is pretty sweet and sprites are like poking a stick in your eye.


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