Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.


So I've been teasing big announcements for a while now, and today I can finally mention the first one.

Lux and I have been working together for a while now, since Ionic, and with him recently leaving his job to go indie we decided to set up a business together, Garage Collective.

The site has just gone live,

What does this mean for GYW ? Well it means all my future games will be released under the GC brand, so I guess Outpost:Swarm was the last GYW game from me, which is a weird thing to say after devoting so much time to all things GYW.
But that doesn't mean the death of either GYW or this blog. Olli and I haven't fallen out or anything, setting up garage collective with Lux just makes business things a lot easier with a clean start, plus Olli is still developing games under the GYW banner ( I may be the most vocal, but I'm but half of a team ).
I still want to keep the development of games posted here, because I have more freedom here to say when something is shit, I don't have to keep my prose as shiny.

And that's the first of a few more big things that hopefully we'll get to you guys over the next couple of weeks.


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