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DN8:Pulse preview review preview review

We really like FlashMush, Robbie is reviewing lots of games and doing a really good job of it.

Because of that we asked him if he'd be up to review DN8:Pulse before release, and he said yes, and I said cool and then he reviewed and now I'm linking to that review.

Straight forward enough.

Go here my young beauties if you want to see if our game was good or a bit shit ( Hopefully by now you'd know we'd still write this post even if it was a bit shit, but without spoiling things too much, it has a happy ending ).


PS. Outpost:Swarm is still waiting sign off, DN8:P is waiting for someone to buy it, the Android version is coming along albeit slowly and we've started a new game which I guess we'll talk about soon enough.

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  • FlashMush

    4/17/2012 3:08:02 AM |

    =) Just glad you enjoyed my review, I certainly enjoyed playing your game!

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