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Dear Kitty

I started a new project yesterday so I thought it would be a good time to see how long I can maintain a diary of it's development. It's only got 2 weeks ( 10 working days ) allocated to it, so surely I can write something new and interesting every day for 10 days... well interesting is pushing it a little bit.

Starting a project is always a double edged sword. Cool, it's a new project with all the possibilities that go with it. Shit, it's a new project so I've got to set up all my usual classes for the millionth time.

To touch on things without giving anything away, it's an iso maze game. Before kicking off it was agreed it wouldn't scroll as the dev time is so tight, so it's just going to be a flick screen game like the old greats such as Head over Heels and Knightlore.

Day 1 is setting up classes. This game is going to be done in as2 ( Due to the tight deadline, did I mention that ? ) as although I've fallen for as3 at last, it's still a ball ache for a lot of things.
I've already received all the assets ( All of them. Up front. Amazing ) and there's lots of nested animated movieclips, which as2 does well, and as3 doesn't, so that helped swing me towards as2 for this one.

Hello fdt and mtasc, I've missed you bad boys. Still quicker and better than Flex. Things that are tripping me up though are Void ( It took forever to get used to void, and now going back it's taking just as long ) and _alpha, _x, _y etc. Any property with an _ basically.
It's amazing how quickly I've lost the habit of using those.

Code wise we've got the core classes in place ( Player, GameController, Master ( enterFrame mainloop ) ) and I've ripped the map loading routines from Toxic Shock ( External map files are a million billion times easier to work with ) so the game can load in it's data.
The biggest routine of the day after the LevelHandler is the LevelPlotter. I've only ever done 1 iso game before, Fuel Factory, and I'd forgotton what a pain it is to align the tiles correctly.

By the time I called it a day, we have a title screen ( No instructions button yet, and a missing anim, but almost done ), a swf that loads in it's own data and parses it, the game HUD with working timer and a 10x10 grid of iso tiles plotted. Good start to it, and I'm aiming to hit it hard again today.


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  • chrisError

    9/3/2008 10:31:35 AM |

    I am running a similar scaled project starting now too, give or take a few days, doing it in Papervision and as ever, probably trying to add too much into it cos I'm mentally ill.

    I will no doubt be online laaate at night on MSN during this period, so we can be late night Samaritans for each other :)

    (it's that RTS without the killing I mentioned the other day)


  • Squize

    9/3/2008 11:15:15 AM |

    Oh cool you got that gig ( Now that's a GDD I want to read ).

    Shared coding pain is coding pain halved, that's how I see it.

    Let's see who over-delivers the most then ;)

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