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Deconstruction of a scene or: nope, this is not Bryce ...

Inspired by a recent thread on fk's game forum here's a brief description how the day scene was actually built:

Usually it starts with a *very* simple sketch, whith very littly detail. Most 3d artists I know do extensive and detailed drawings, but for me it works best to directly do it in 3d.
more ugly than beautiful

Once I have this I start by modeling parts of it as single object that I later can link into the final scene, this time it's only the tower:
twh_070410_01.jpg twh_070410_10.jpg
Simple outline rendering and the textured version.

A detail of the main tower mapping:
3584x3584 px ... now tell me that size doesn't matter.

Now I start composing the scene, here just the linked tower with the landscape set up. In the foreground I've placed some noised up spheres to be used as rocks.
twh_070410_03a.jpg twh_070410_03b.jpg
Landscapes in plain grey and with some basic textures applied.

Now adding some depth:
twh_070410_13.jpg twh_070410_04.jpg
Added 2 trees for the foreground (846,419 polygons now) and finally with all the trees, grass, bushes
and textures applied (now 383,890,620 polygons).

Final step: adding real light and shadows and setting up the atmosphere ...
Preview rendering, you can see the result in the previous post ... (or click here)

After the scene was done, I decided to add two wizards to the final image so I quickly built a low poly one from this sketch (done by Chrsitof) and did two very simple texture maps:
twh_070410_07.jpg twh_070410_14.jpg
Sketch and the wizards placed in the scene.



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