Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Did I say "just"?

Alpha is out, now there are just a few things left to do to improve the useability of the editor and wait for the final informations on how the main game should handle custom levels.

Oh and there are just a few levels to enter ... 130 to be honest.

On Friday I had the "more-than-bloody-stupid" idea to enter a few of them. I did 2.

The one that killed 100% of my motivation was a nightmare of force fields all pointing in different directions:

Believe me when I say looking at this level in full size can make you want to puke.

After some agonizing hours, I finally started to write a file converter that should be able to read in the binary file format of the original game. OH JOY!

This somehow kills the edia of entering the levels and testing them along the way to see if the engine can handle all the weirdness of the original creators (and I still do believe that some of the levels where purely designed to piss the player off as much as possible).

oh well ...


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