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First design faux pas*

If you've played Outpost:Haven you'll know on the first level it's a bit of a mini-tutorial where we have both characters, Lee and Jameson.

Very early on we split them up, Jameson goes and takes a lift and goes off to have all the adventures in Outpost 2. For continuity we're keeping that sequence in O2, except obviously this time you play as Jameson.

So yesterday I started adding the path finding code to the main player class, you hit the invisible trigger, the text comes up "Lee, do your thing here, Jameson get on the lift and have your own adventures" ( Paraphrasing slightly there ) and the pathfinder kicks in and moves you to the lift ready for level 2.

No, sweet baby Jesus, no! In the cold light of day I see how wrong that all was. Was I really going to take control away from the player during the opening minute of the game ? What was I thinking. That was truly awful game design, to take the player out of the game before it's even started. So today I'm ripping out all that badness and doing it properly, and writing a blog post to shame myself so I never do anything that bad again, and to hopefully show how what may seem an ok design choice always needs thinking about.


*In Outpost2 that is, there have been dozens and dozens of other design fuck ups over the years.

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