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  • Epic Shadow

    12/15/2009 9:08:00 AM |

    The game looks beautiful, haven't played it, and am a bit busy to do so now, but it looks fantastic. I'd suggest you keep posting some screen shots such as this in posts if you don't get any views, if a sponsor sees these they'll surely check it out.

  • Porter

    12/15/2009 9:09:59 AM |

    As already said, game looks amazing, it's incredibly polished. I really don't think you'll have any trouble selling that one, be sure to contact the big guys, look around, you'll likely get a pretty penny for this one.

  • Squize

    12/15/2009 11:35:15 PM |

    Thanks guys.

    It seems to be going well so far, we've got an editor rating of 8.66667 ( Which is quite an obscure number, I thought it'd be rounded up to 2 decimal points ) and a dev rating of 9.6185, which is a lot of mate voting, but I don't care, it still counts :)

  • Nintendo DS Flips

    12/21/2009 7:50:25 PM |

    Looks good, is there anywhere we can actually play the game or will we have to wait for someone to buy it?

  • Squize

    12/22/2009 4:48:14 PM |

    Hey mate, if you're registered at FGL give me your username and I'll add you to my friends list, otherwise I'm afraid you'll have to wait 'til it's out in the wild.

  • Bunny Invasion

    1/1/2010 10:56:50 PM |

    Looks like a cool game. FGL is a good way to go, got a good couple deals there myself. Nice!

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