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HTML5 vs Flash, Apple vs Adobe

We've been avoiding this subject, but it feels like the law that every blog even vaguely connected with any of those subjects has to express an opinion about it, they're like arseholes don't you know.

Here's mine ( Opinion that is ).

As of 5th of Feb this year, 10801 animals are on the endangered species list ( Source: ).

An iPad is $499 at cheapest. For that you could,

Sponsor a Polar Bear for 108 months.
Sponsor a Panda for 108 months.
Sponsor a Dolphin for 108 months.
Sponsor 6 and a half acres of Rain forest forever.
Sponsor a guide dog for 65 months.

If the lack of Flash support on the iPad concerns you that much that it's stopping you buying one, there's some ideas where that cash could go instead. Think how much help that could be, and I've only touched on environmental related issues, you could be helping starving children or bringing the cure for cancer closer to being a reality.

Of course I'm just being a bit of a dick to emphasis my point, i.e it doesn't really matter at all. Apple shutting the door on the CS5 exporter is a blow, a lot of very talented and hardworking people at Adobe have had a collective kick in the bollocks. Will bleating about it make any difference ? Will picking holes in an open letter from Steve Jobs do anything more that give you a slight moral victory ?

So to recap, a platform holder can do whatever they like with their own platform.
It's peoples right to be able to voice their opinion, whether pro or con, and as consumers we can all vote with our wallets, that's the single best way to encourage change to a consumer product.

Of course if you never had any intention to buy an Apple device but are still shouting from the roof tops about the evil empire, well, good luck with that.

Right, onto html5 ( In a rather disinterested way, but if we're being topical then let's cover it all ). It's the future all right. It's not now though is it ? Personally I don't really care what I use, it's the end results that matter. I'm fairly certain that any end user is totally the same.

Touching back on the whole Flash thing for a second ( It's all loosely connected kinda ), how many people outside of our industry really care ? It's not exactly news, but Google conducted a bit of research last year asking people what a web browser is. Only 8% knew. People don't give a crap what they're using, they don't care if it's IE6 or Flash Player 10.1. They only care if something doesn't work, but any good webpage should help them along with the missing plug-in ( Unless of course that device doesn't support the plug-in, boo Apple, boo ).

Time to finish off. Apple won't be running Flash on their mobile devices unless it adversely affects sales or Adobe can remove all the possible opposition Apple have to it. The vast majority of people don't care / understand so aren't up in arms. html5 may well be the future, but that's a ways off yet, right now it's not really very good. A lot of people who are promoting it don't like Flash and are over the moon that they have Apple in their corner all of a sudden. As developers we'll go where the work is. In the grand scheme of things, none of this really matters, and it would be nice to think that it will all go away soon. It won't.

Promise this is the last time I touch on any of these subjects on here, as it's as boring for me writing about it as it is for you reading it.


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  • Nkronionic

    5/2/2010 9:21:23 PM |

    Apple vs Adobe vs Unity too

  • Squize

    5/2/2010 9:42:35 PM |

    True, although I didn't include Unity as it's different in a number of ways.

    It's pretty obvious that Apple have dropped 331 in there to stop Adobe, others are just being caught in the cross fire.

    Also there's only a handful of Flash devs who have managed to get apps onto the AppStore, it's a case of you don't miss what you never had.
    Unity devs have whole business plans based on the AppStore, there are a lot of developers who are basically fucked until 331 is sorted out. I think it's one thing for me to just be flippant about the Apple vs Adobe mess, another for me to do that about devs who could really be in trouble.

    The general mood seems to be that Unity will be ok, they will adapt to fit the new guidelines if at all possible, and so the Unity community doesn't seem to be as vocal as the Flash community.

    I'm just sick to death of tweets and blogs saying how evil Apple are, how misguided Adobe were, how html5 is the second coming etc. etc. This post hopefully shows that we are aware of it, that we're not in some sort of vacuum, just that we don't really care, it's not worth worrying about for us.

  • charlie

    5/2/2010 10:20:37 PM |

    I've long been an Apple advocate, right back from when Apple were almost dead due to their 'protectionist' position. So, in some ways I was slightly surprised by 331.

    I was also disappointed not to get a Flash origined app into the store (although, maybe I'd be even more disappointed now if I had.)

    One thing about this that I really agree with you on is how consumers aren't interested in platforms or delivery methods. And, why should they be? It's the content that matters.

    With this in mind, I think that HTML5 is great - I (generally) hate Flash websites - and whilst I've made the odd player, I don't feel protective towards Flash video.

    But, is HTML5 a direct replacement for all Flash content? I don't think so. As far as I understand it, your code is 'exposed' and whilst I'd probably be ok with people seeing the source of a banner I'd made, I don't think I'd want to share a whole game.

    I feel a lot of what's been said by A&A is posturing. Ultimately, one of them will come out of it better - but I doubt it will be the expense of the other.

  • Prince_Porter

    5/3/2010 5:03:48 AM |

    I REALLY don't get why people think HTML 5 is going to hurt flash. Yes it CAN make games, but from what I know thus far, it's in no possible way optimal, or capable of being optimal for a game design platform. Notice I said design. Yes it can host the games, but it's not a real programming language, the source is available for people to see, the list goes on. I still haven't touched this on my blog, think I'll just stick to commenting about it on other blogs :P

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