Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Half of the fun ...

What has been done on Calisto Eclipse so far:

  • the main menu is done, all the neat rollover effects are in place
  • you can reach the two highscore screens (one for the action and one for story mode), alas the backend for that isn't working yet
  • the medal screen is in place and the medals are defined, same as above the backend isn't done yet (more on that later)
  • parts of the API for handling medals and scores are layed out (yet again ...)
  • the game working is layed out and waits to be coded
What's need doing (in no particular oder):
  • transition between the menu screens and the game
  • the game :)
  • finish the API for medals and highscores
  • the backend for medals and highscore (oh there's so fucking much to do on this bugger, but maybe I can give away some more infos soon)
  • ingame help
  • ingame newsfeed reader
  • even more backend stuff ...
  • even more of that oh so boring backend stuff ...
what a boring post. damn.

I post an image next time, promissed.


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