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I don't care if Mondays blue...

Back to Flash after Fridays rant.

Today was a bit of this and a bit of that.

I'm having to finish of an arkanoid clone for gimme5, a hang over from when I worked there. Improved the collisions ( Again ) and finally finished the baddies off.
Still a lot of things to do, it's becoming a long drawn out project that I can't wait to see the back of to be honest.

Back to the lot more fun GMM. I started the player shooting routines Friday and they're nearly finished after starting it up again today. Doing a game in ISO just adds that layer of complication to it, but I've got projectiles flying around quite nicely now, and in the past 30mins got it so the baddie bots know they've been hit and power-down for a couple of seconds allowing you to run past.

Right now my to do list stands at:

* Instructions
* Golden Ball - shoot / test for hitting bot
* Mud - shoot / test for hitting bot
* Bots
* Sounds
* Score
* Design levels
* Test right hand exit
* Remove traps from fore/background mcs

The Bots are nearly done, I'm just removing the final kinks with animation frames going a bit mental and stopping them just sitting on your head when they've hit you until they drain all your energy.
The two remaining power-ups ( Golden Ball / Mud ) shouldn't be too much work now the first power-up is in there and working ( It's really just the end result when a bot is hit by one which differs ).
Everything else is just bits and bobs, with the sound looking like it'll take the most time out of all that.

So it's slipped, but it's still on-track (  ie there's nothing left that fills me with fear ). In terms of actual time spent on it, 50 hours 48mins, which shows that I must spend an awful lot of the day just day dreaming instead of coding. It's something I really need to tighten up, if I was doing proper 7 hour days then we'd be looking at just starting day 6 now ( In my defence a decent chunk of the day seems to be taken up with admin stuff ).

Anyway until tomorrow that's it from me.


PS. Just as a sidenote, we've got a great guest article coming up this week, which we're really proud to be presenting here.

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