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  • Jens

    6/24/2008 11:25:31 PM |

    Nice job. I like it.

    However, I am fine with the vertical scrolling. I like that, just like the old games. But I really dislike the horizontal scrolling and also find it completely pointless, since you could just make the game a bit wider to fit the whole width of the table. There is no reason for it to not be wider. That would also make it fit better to a computer screen.

  • Squize

    6/25/2008 10:22:41 AM |

    Thanks Jens.

    The horizontal scrolling really has divided opinion. I like it, as it makes the game feel more twitchy and frantic, but I've heard equally valid reasons why it sucks.

    I think with the horizontal scrolling we gain an extra 200px or so of screen width, which we wouldn't have had otherwise ( A lot of portals wouldn't host a game 600x600, plus then the aspect would look funny, it should be heigher than it is wide ).

    In hindsight we should have just stuck with vertical scrolling and scaled everything down to fit, and if we do another pb game that's the route we'll take.

    Thanks again for playing and taking the time to post here.

  • Rich

    6/25/2008 2:40:21 PM |

    I like it, although I agree that I'd prefer to see the full width of the scroll area rather than have it scroll horizontally. I don't think a 600px wide Flash game is too much these days (the new games we're being commissioned to build are all 600px wide!)

    The sound effects are great. It's also very fast, which is a bonus and a downside imho, because the time you have to react is very short, and the time to correct a "flipper mistake" is even shorter! I really didn't like using the left/right arrow keys, but I see why you did it. Using left shift was better but causes Windows to do that stupid "Sticky Keys" thing (which I know you can disable, but I bet most people haven't!)

    There didn't seem to be too many routes for the ball to go, or things to activate, but hey you've got to finish a project at some stage! You should be pleased that you've created the first DECENT pinball game in Flash :) Oh and I thought the scoreboard LED animations were great - how did you do those btw? Are they just cleverly drawn FLVs?

  • Jens

    6/25/2008 8:32:09 PM |

    Also 600 pixels wide isn't that much.

    I too like the sound effects and display animation. It has a real feel of pinball unlike any previous flash pinball.

    There is some delay in the controls sometimes and the physics gets a bit weird or latent sometimes, but still the best so far. And I actually get use to the horizontal scrolling.

  • Squize

    6/25/2008 9:23:49 PM |

    Thanks Rich.

    Yeah I got the Sticky keys thing too. I'm working on a v1.1 so I'll drop Z and / in there as alternative keys ( Ideally it would be the two shift keys, but as well as sticky keys Flash can't tell the difference between the two ).
    There are a lot of missing features, but this was a test to see how it would fair in regards sponsorship, we didn't want to throw everything at it just to be left with a game that no one wanted to buy.
    The game took about 4 weeks to get 90% done, then we had an issue with the previous release of Box2D and we had to wait for the v2 of it to be ported to Flash to actually finish it. So there was only so much time we wanted to devote to it without a set payment in place for it.

    The LED anims were done in Xara3D ( The most underrated software ever, it's perfect for quick and dirty 3D ) and then I had to use Personal Paint on an Amiga emulator to remap all the palettes to the actual standard arcade one. Then it's just a bitmap on top to recreate the dot matrix type feel.
    It would have been nice to have a lot more animation in there, but there's always a million things you'd do better given the time.

    Thanks for the good words, I'm really glad you like it.

    Jens, you're right about the screen size, I'm not sure where the hell I got that from ( That 600 would be too big ), my last couple of games have been 640x480 :S
    Although to keep a nice aspect ratio I'd maybe have to go 500x650 or so.

    Quite a few people have said about a delay, but I've never had it. The flippers work using a motor so they take a little while to "wind up" to move the actual body of the flipper. I'll look to increase that again to make it feel like it's reacting quicker.

    Glad you enjoyed it too :) Thanks to you both for your continued interest in this game and it just goes to show if you rip off Pinball Dreams then the end result can be ok :)

  • Rich Davey

    6/25/2008 10:47:34 PM |

    So the anims are just a sequence of images? (that makes sense, I was just wondering) - btw you may want to check out the superb Pro Motion ( which has excellent palette mapping support, and is basically Deluxe Paint (and then some!) for the PC. I use it loads for intense bitmap fiddling and animations.

  • Squize

    7/4/2008 10:34:08 AM |

    I've looked at Pro Motion way back, and I dunno, it feels weird 'cause it's a windows app trying to be an Amiga one. It feels whorish for that reason :)

    I'll check it out again though, I remember being quite anti-windows first time I looked at it, although it is nice to fire up Workbench every now and again and think how badly Commodore fucked things up, that if they had just been that little bit smarter it would still even now be a viable alternative to the other os'es.

  • Boszkowo

    7/8/2008 7:48:13 PM |

    Thank you from Poland

  • Squize

    7/10/2008 7:35:07 PM |

    Hi Boszkowo from Poland :)

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