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We're back, hurray!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and got lots of new things to play with ( Left 4 Dead was the best thing Santa gave me, it's the best marriage of "proper game" and multi-player I've ever ever seen. Everyone is going to copy that soon and just ditch the single player mode all together ).

I'm still in a holiday frame of mind, so the posts here may be sporadic as I alternate between working, and eating crap food / watching tv ( I think Olli's the same too ).

There's a new update to X. This is more of a "presentation" build, where I just can't be bothered to try and code anything clever.

The pause mode is in, which is always a nice thing to have done. To try and make it less drab, there's a bit of eye-candy in there, which is a Lorenz Attractor and was ported to as3 from the code at the always excellent Levitated ( I had played with this a couple of weeks ago using setPixel, and just wasn't happy with the results. Rather than let it go to waste I used the bubbles from the depth of field vector effect in 651 and a bit of blur and the add blendmode along with the old faithful infinite bob effect, and it looks ok-ish now. One thought that came to me was the code may be handy for running some types of baddies, could be quite a nice movement pattern and wouldn't require me to think of any more code ).
One thing is that I don't kill the animation during pause, so asteroids keep spinning, explosions keep exploding. This is because the use of movieclips is only a temporary measure, I'm going to wait til we've got final assets before ripping that code out and using tilesheets instead.

The other major chunk of work done is the stats / medals. The medals needs some images drawing for them, and then code to actually trigger them in-game, but all the internal guts is in there. The stats I think are done now, which is cool. Just don't get too attached to them, as every new build will reset them.
I've also added some stats to the level complete section ( I've been brainwashed waiting for things to load on the 360, where they display tips / stats to help you forget you're waiting ) which I'm really happy with.

Following on from a comment from Tonypa, the current level is now displayed, and a level progress bar. I've noticed a lot of casual games show the level progress ( Zuma, Luxor2 etc. ) and it's a simple nice thing to have. It's maybe not that useful now, but perhaps if the asteroids were to come in waves later in the game ( That's a clue btw ) ?


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  • Tom

    12/30/2008 9:14:34 PM |


    Hope christmas has treated you well i am also in the christmas frame of mind at least until the weekend :-)

    Seeing as this post is mainly about presentation and i am just thinking about how to tackle this in my engine i was wondering what structure you use for your menu system? In AS2 days i would just have a movieclip with all the buttons in, visibility of which would be toggled - it seems there might be a better way in AS3?

  • Squize

    12/31/2008 12:49:48 PM |

    Yeah good Christmas here mate ( Top tip though, don't ever try and cook for 6 people on the big day. It's not like cooking for 2, just a little bit more stuff, it's more like cooking for 8 million ).

    When it comes to menus, I don't have any great system, I just seem to hack my way through it every time ( Olli may be the better person to respond to this, as he actually does structure that kind of thing really well and thinks it all through ).
    How it works in X ( Which feels nice and dynamic to me ), is the options sliding in / out are just tweens in a mc. Once they hit the final "in" frame, the "buttons" are added to the display list.
    These aren't actually buttons in the true sense, there's no _up / _over frames in there, it's again just a tween in and out ( alpha 0 > 100 > 0 again ). When the user rollOver the button I just play the tween in, when they rollOut I just play the out tween. Simple as that really.

    For the different screens, I just attach sprites that contain the relevant data. So say you click medals, the buttons are killed and the option tween gotoAndPlay("out"). Once that's done, the stats class is called ( For bigger ( Read: Potentially messy ) menus I like to break them out into their own class ) and that just attaches what it needs to the display list.

    So it's not like having a 1 frame mc with everything in, or how I used to do it, a multi frame mc where you'd just gotoAndStop to the correct menu screen, it's more add and remove ( Mainly 'cause as3 with nested mc's is just so dire it's easier to code in a more alien way than put up with that crap ).

  • tonypa

    1/3/2009 9:10:05 AM |

    This may be stupid question but how do I pause the game?

    "Time wasted looking at these stats" - Sorry, but I am going to steal that.

  • Squize

    1/3/2009 2:13:27 PM |

    Not stupid at all, I need to add a lot of sign posting to the game yet. P to pause.

    Yeah the stat reading stat is a cheeky one, every stat system in every game should have that :)

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