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Its been a while

Hope you're all doing well. Sorry about us going to ground recently, we've both just had so much stuff on, mingled with me just being tired of blogging, coding and even tweeting. I think I'd reached saturation point with it all and what with moving house ( And still having so many things boxed up, not to mention the constant headache of even the most simple things not going right ) writing here was well down my list of things to care about.

Hopefully this post will reignite the fire in me with it's depth and passion.


As a quick recap of what we're up to and what's coming, Chock-A-Box has been sponsored and should be going live today with any luck ( Link as and when I get one ), Destroy More Cars is dragging along towards it's final build, the crashes are a thing of beauty, the tons of research I did has paid off I think. Just want it done now though, it's been hanging far too long.
I've knocked up another quick game, ERun, here's a little screenie:


That may be finished tonight with a bit of luck ( It's another Game in a Day, which has somehow dragged on for a couple of weeks now, although I don't think I've spent more than 10 hours on it in all that time ).

I'm also still toying with releasing the blitter engine, it's just that I guess I need to do benchmarks and shit like that to try and justify it, and I really can't be bothered. Then do I release it as a swc as that's nicer, what license does it go out under etc.
This wave of apathy I'm in should pass soon and I will do all that stuff for the blitter, it's just right now I can't face it ( Part of me just want's to say "Fuck it" and just post it up now, but then about 3 people will bother with d/loading it and trying, and that totally defeats the object of releasing it ).

That's it really. This has turned into a forced post just to try and get myself back into the routine of writing words. I feel the need to do a post mortem for Ionic too, but that's going to be a whopper and will need some time spending on it ( Also for the what went wrong part it'll be "I was the only person who seemed to enjoy playing it", which is quite a key failing ).

Jesus, what a miserable turd I am today, back soon with happy happy posts and some energy.


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  • Squize

    4/15/2010 12:14:25 PM |

    Ha, it is a doom and gloom post isn't it. I'm all good again today, must have been hormones.

    Yeah I read that post yesterday which made me smile. That's a proper gun to your head to release something. Seeing how it's only a 4 weeker ( At most ) maybe a day by day diary of it would be good ? If nothing else that will force you on too.

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