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It's like having an Amiga again

Worked on Orbs over the w/end, and had to re-organise a ton of stuff ( I'm still finding my feet with this as3 lark ).

The particles worked by using copyPixel to plot them into a bitmap ( Blitting, like the good ol' days ) and then using colorMatrixFilter to fade them down every couple of frames.
I've really been wanting trails on the baddies too ( I want to use the add blendmode, but I think that's going to be too much. That may just be reserved for the Orbs themselves ) so this major reshuffle saw the baddies being changed from sprites to bobs ( Blitter OBjects ) again using copyPixel.

Seems to be running a lot faster for the change, and looks a lot better. Also 'cause I'm fading down the whole bitmap that they're being blitted to I don't have to worry about any kind of clearing up or damage maps. Cool.

I'd been meaning to try blitting sooner, but I was concerned about losing things like hitTest and rotation, but at the moment it's performing nice and fast and I'm hoping I can come up with a good way to cope with the silly amount of collisions I've got planned ( At present I'm looking at doing it sector based using circle to circle checks ).

Next step is to drop the collisions back in and see how the engine copes with that, and then some animation ( So it'll be an animated rotate ).

It's all looking pretty good right now, I'm really happy with it.


PS. Next post, something on slopes.

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