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Look at the size of that.

Still working on Ionic. It's taking a lot longer than I originally planned to be honest, it's grown into quite a monster.

Because of this our blog posts have dropped off the past couple of months ( Not even a Halloween post this year, which I think is a first for us), where we've not had much to either release or show. There is a cronusX post mortem to be done, but since my host got hacked ( The host was a cheap one which was just to be a dumping ground for our games, it's not the main host on which both this blog and the site ( Along with the client area ) sit ) none of the development pages are online, so until we sort something permanent out there I've got to hold fire.

Speaking of cronusX, the cock who obviously doesn't like me on NG is still voting it down every day. It's about 3.55 from 3.81. Let's wish him luck with blamming it. Prick.

Anyway back to Ionic. After this post is submitted I'm back on adding the last turret type, which will give us 9 in total. Hopefully I can use a lot of existing code, so most of the time will be spent adding the help text for it ( There's a lot of text in this game. It's set up so you don't have to read any of it if you don't want to, but you'll get a better insight if you do ) and then testing it against various attack waves for balance.

We're getting close to the final push now. In terms of gameplay it's only really come together the past couple of weeks, which has been the main reason I've not been posting about it more here or releasing lots of builds like we did with cronusX. It's actually enjoyable to play now, to the point that it's disappointing when you complete the limited number of attack waves that are in there at present.
A lot of the presentation has been added as I've gone, which has taken longer ( I've still not drawn one baddie ship yet, which I'm really dreading ) but it means it won't be a case of the game being finished and then having to do another love pass on it.

The milestone of it being a "proper" game was hit last week sometime, so there is a game complete sequence and a game over one. It's all coming together.

As way of a filler, I've attached the dreadnought as it is in the game, here's the HMS Ionic

More news and grabs as and when.


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  • Pul

    11/15/2009 2:42:54 PM |

    I love it when a game takes on a life of its own, as Ionic seems to have done :) Is the dreadnought a single image or built from cells?

  • Squize

    11/15/2009 3:22:07 PM |

    Thanks mate.

    It's made from 32x32 tiles ( I'll post them up in a day or two as a before and after ), which I laid down in Mappy. Then the whole map was exported as a big ass bitmap, and then given some texture love in paintshop pro and I added little extra's here and there to avoid it looking too tile based, then dropped a shadow layer on top.

    Bugger, I've just blown my next planned blog post :)

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