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More lazy boy links...

...and a bit of self centered bleating.

As Flash developers we all know how a lot of sites just pull the piss and will quite happily steal games ( And if you're really lucky, drop their ads into them. Nice ), but this story is just a whole new level of pulling the piss.
Really worth a read.

Now on to the self bleating. GOL got a review at Channel 4 games. 5 out of 10. Visitors to the site actually rated it less than that. It works out ( Using channel 4's rating, let's not make it worse ) at 1 point per game. And nothing for the front-end.
Following that down it's natural path, it means that say "Souper Bowl" would only score 1. Hang on, perhaps it scored less 'cause it's a collection of mini-games, let's double that. 2. Out of 10.
It's a sickener to think that the whole is actually less than it's parts. That's quite an achievement.

Sorry, I don't like wallowing in self pity, but when it's the best thing I've ever done, doing so poorly, it's hard not to have 5 mins being a tart about it. All out of my system now, although don't get me started about Loved Up getting poor reviews 'cause it's "gay"
( Wait 'til Loved Up II - A mouth full of spunk, that'll get the homophobic vote ).


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