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Outpost 2 alpha demo out on our Facebook page

I can't think of a more literal title for this post, it says pretty much everything I need to say. In all honesty I'm being a little bit cheeky as I did a google search for "Outpost 2" the other day and there was nothing about it, no screen shots, nothing. Lot's of sites are apparently hosting "Outpost 2 Jameson's Story" which is good to know, I should just play it there and save all this effort.

Anyway, if you do the Facebook thing you can check out the first three levels of O2 < That doesn't help our Google visibility either, here.


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  • Manuel Bynum

    3/18/2013 12:43:49 AM |

    Detecting problems as I go along and posting...
    The aerial insect that attack cannot be shot down and are able to hit me with invincibility. Is this purposeful?
    Apart from that, I don't see anything wrong here. Except maybe have more stalkers in the shadows to give that extra creepy kick to the station!
    Other than that, HURRY UP! ;-)
    This is going to be good!
    Also, are we going to have Lee as a buddy on O2 planetside?

  • Squize

    3/18/2013 9:06:55 AM |

    Thanks for the feedback mate :)

    The "Bats" ( We've not given them a proper name yet ) aren't meant to hurt you until you're in the shadows, when they swoop down. So you can't shoot them as they're too high up, and they can't hurt you for the same reason, unless of course you're in the dark.
    We're trying not to over use the "Red Eyes" as that was a complaint in the first one, you kinda got used to every shadow having them in there so they stopped being as scary.

    Yes, Lee and Jameson are going to meet up on the planet, level 8 I think from memory, and they'll stay together until the end, which will be cool as I really like the way they work together in O:Swarm.

    And yes, we're working on it :) Believe me, we want this done as soon as everyone else does.


  • Manuel Bynum

    3/18/2013 4:34:40 PM |

    Swarm, you say? Oh man, that is some great action there! You did an excellent job on Swarm. I'm actually a little spoiled in that regard; most ais on computers and consoles aren't as good as Jameson in Swarm...
    As a matter of fact, excuse me while I go turn the floors black in Swarm. ;-)
    Oh, by the way, just a thought: can you make it to where the stalkers move a little bit quicker than the smallest insects? And can you make it to where if they're detected, they'll come blasting after you out of the shadows? That'll really creep people out. ;-)
    Just some ideas I thought I'd throw your way. But if they require too much coding, forget it. I know this thing isn't a cakewalk for you at all and your efforts are appreciated at least by this man.
    Keep it up, Squize. Who knows? In future, someone might take this idea and turn it into a full-on computer and/or console game and you rake in the royalties from it.

  • Manuel Bynum

    3/18/2013 4:35:10 PM |

    Now, to go blacken those floors with trusty Jameson....

  • Squize

    3/19/2013 4:15:52 PM |

    I think the Red Eyes do move quicker in O2, if not I'll look into it ( We've got to make it so you always have a chance when they jump out at you, otherwise it's just annoying, no one wants to lose health when they had no chance to do anything about it ).
    Hmm it may be they move quicker once they're closer to you, I'll check the code now actually. Because we've got the armour this time we can ramp the difficulty up more than before.

    I really like Swarm, there are moments in there when it really feels like the bit in Aliens where it all kicks off ( When they're coming in through the roof ), that just feels great and I forget it's my game ( Normally when you play your own games you're just looking at all the things you should have done better ). Plus trying to coat as much as the floor as possible in alien blood becomes its own meta game. I'm hoping we can retain that feeling in the Swarm levels in O2, as it was just luck it turned out that way.

    I doubt it'll get picked up, we're too close to Alien Breed ( Intentionally ) and Dead Space ( Accident ). A mobile port one day could be cool if we could get touch friendly controls.

    Thanks mate, keep the ideas coming, we're still at that stage where we can use them and pretend they were ours all along ;)

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