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See, told you we're back on it

Quick update about O2, I'm going to try and post more about it as we've been a bit too secretive as not to spoil anything plus we don't like showing things with placeholder art.

Here's an image with placeholder art. 

Since I started back up on it I've been working on level 4, which is the 2nd Lee level in the game ( You get to play as both characters this time ).

It's a sewer based one, like the one ( Or was it two ? ) we had in Outpost:Swarm, although I've refined how we handle the water this time so it runs much quicker.

That big red thing ( I've called it a gyroscope in the code, I'm not sure it's the correct word though ) is spinning around at a high speed blocking your exit, almost as if someone has sabotaged it to block your way...
Anyway hacking the 4 terminals on the level will reduce the speed enabling you to pass.

The level is taking ages to put together, like they all do, as there are more one off effects in this one and the gyroscope itself was a mare to get running, as it has to use the Nape physics engine for the collisions. In fact it's still not done, we're not having check points in this one like in O:H as I made a real mess of them, so you'll get the temporary forcefield like in O:S. But this thing will kill you outright on contact, and we can't have you regenerating in the room with it, as you'll either be able to sneak past it when the forcefield is up, or you'll just lose all your lives to it, either way is bad.

So my options are:
a) Put an invisible wall in the way to stop you going in there until it's safe to do so.
b) Letting you go in there, but if it kills you, you start at pretty much the location that you're at in the screenshot.

Nothing is easy. I think I'll go for b) as I have to detect if it kills you as it'll still be running slowly even when all the terminals are hacked. It could be nice if when it hits you you just splat. I think we're going to have more blood in this one than the first, if we're going to be classed as adult in content anyway then we should take advantage of that, so it leaving a big circular smear of blood could work well.

And this is what we've been doing every day we've worked on the game basically. Coming up with a cool idea we want in the game, then realising how much that screws things up and becomes a special case, then coding that special case.

More words soon.


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  • maurice

    1/5/2013 4:54:41 PM |

    Very good, i cant wait for O2, when is the release date of Outpost 2? :)

  • Zedacus

    1/7/2013 1:42:20 AM |

    I agree with going for option b, and I don't know if it would slow down the game to much but maybe add a little extra to the "gyroscope" or fan?? Like maybe blades or spikes? Maybe some blood stains already in there from previous dead things? I'm sure you guys have already thought about but if not that's another idea. Also this is a bit off the topic I guess but I still get scared more buy those old Nintendo 64 Zelda games like Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask but not just any part in those games. But like the the mini-boss DEAD HAND from Ocarina of Time, when I first battled him I was like S**********T! Lol Here is a link if you don't know what I'm talking about Ant that guy also know what he was doing, I kept getting caught by the wicked hands. Maybe the hoverboots could be a stolen idea fro this game??? All up to you guys though. :P And they had the scariest music. >.< I was also like 5 years younger when I first got to play this but yeah, both of those games still have some creepy stuff. Well I hope this helps. Good luck, hoping for the best!

  • Zedacus

    1/7/2013 1:51:34 AM |

    Oh and btw, I will stick with you. :)

  • Squize

    1/9/2013 1:42:49 PM |

    @Maurice we're aiming for having it done for GDC, which I believe is the 23rd of March. There will be private beta versions before then though.

    @Zedacus Yeah the gyroscope / fan thing will look really nasty with the proper art in there, the sort of thing which feels like it could cut you just by looking at it.
    I like the way you mentioned blood stains as that was something I was thinking of, to show that aliens have tried passing through there but haven't made it either. I was also thinking where it's spinning so fast it's become unstable, wobbling a bit, so as well as it kicking up sparks there could maybe be a circular groove in the floor, although that's more down to Lux.
    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

  • Zedacus

    1/10/2013 3:48:33 AM |

    Okay, so I just figured out the time distance we have is 9 hours apart so when it is 1pm there, it is 4 am here. The only problem with that is I will be delayed on communication a bit since I am on the west coast of the U.S. Then again I'm used to staying up till 6 am every once in a while so if I ever needed to I could, except for Sun - Thur nights because I have school.

    Anyway let me know if you guys have decided to use any of the ideas I have come up with and if that link has given you any ideas that you might use. About that circular groove, maybe it could be like a vacuum and kind of suck you towards it ever so slowly or would that be to difficult? Challenges are nice though, and maybe if the fan-a-ma-jig was spinning slow after the panels have been hacked you could jump into the suction hole in the middle that could take you to another room or give you some sort of special item or something, that's another idea. Well, take care and keep up the good progress. :D

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