Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.


New things, new things, new things.

What are they ?

Let me shove a picture in here and tell you.


What have we got here then. The energy bar I mentioned last time, Matthew's Graze bar as suggested via the comments ( Ta mate ), a proper player sprite at last, sporting this years must have rear pod attachment.

The baddies actually shoot now, we're not in bullet hell just yet, but we will be. There are side pods too, as well as side and diagonal shots. With a lot of bullets and particles on screen it looks beautifully mental, and it's creeping closer to what I want.

Also a lot of the sound effects are in, plus in-game music. The music is a combination of 7 or so drum loops and bass ones, running at 175bpm, and randomly mixed together, which surprisingly works really well. I'm getting closer to the dream of a 100% random game so I don't have to produce any assets at all.

Next up is doing the attack waves for world 4 and then that's all complete, only another 8 to go... I wish I hadn't written that down, that seems like so far away right now.


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