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Some JJ loving


Sorry about the lack of posts recently ( And the formatting in the last one, what a nasty wall of words that was ). Still waiting for the two client projects to come out, although they're both pretty much just waiting for sign off now.

Thought I'd show a little love I've added to Outpost today.


Dropped an anamorphic lens flare in the game 'cause they're this years lens flare aren't they. Pleased with how they look, and that's just with my art in place rather than the real final art.

Also added "Swarm" mode. This is basically Firefight / Horde from games I'm sure you've played. The maps are nice and small and I'm really happy with how they play, it's like Geometry Wars / SmashTV and it gives the game some new life. I've done 5 levels of it, and I think that should be enough. I'm hoping to add some new graphical effects to each one, just to try and lift them off from the main story mode, so for example in the first level there's some nice huge fan shadows spinning around.

I wish I could show more of the game and open up a beta as I feel like I've been talking about it forever and it must be wearing thin for you guys. As soon as we get some final assets in there I'll be able to, it's just that ( For example ) just to balance the swarm mode difficulty correctly I need the terminal in there so you can buy weapons / upgrades.
Its one of those projects where it'll all come together in the end, which is frustrating.

This is far and away the best thing I've ever done, and that makes me happy.


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  • Matthew

    9/12/2011 8:55:51 PM |

    Count me in if you need some early feedback Squize.

  • Squize

    9/13/2011 11:47:09 AM |

    Cheers mate, I will take you up on that. I've been showing it in private for ages now and I think all the boys who have played it are a bit jaded with it now :)

  • Matthew

    9/13/2011 8:14:37 PM |

    You've got my email, ready whenever you are.

  • Jerry Carpenter

    9/27/2011 9:38:16 AM |

    Enough ! reading about this day in/day out has given me an unsustainable and painful boner. I can't live like this any longer.

  • Kerriann

    10/17/2011 6:16:39 AM |

    Well put, sir, well put. I'll craetilny make note of that.

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