Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Some quick links

There's a bit of urgency attached to this first one. Josh contacted us about a Flixel powered kickstarter project, which is closing real soon, hence the need for this quick pimp.

Head on over to here for more details. We wish Josh luck with this project, it's just a pity we didn't hear about it sooner.

The Plastic Sturgeon ( That is a great name isn't it ) sent us a link to a complete ball / cannon game in box2D. By complete we mean source code complete, ready for you to download.
By pumping out this email quick I've got to be honest we've not had chance to look at the code, but free code is like free beer, it's always good. Read his blog post here and give yourself a little head start to the pain which is doing a game in box2D.

That's it kids, short and sweet. I know we've been a bit linky the past couple of posts, these are just one offs, we'll be going back to swearing and talking about our own stuff like the ego-centric shits we really are.


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