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Spot the difference

Work's going really well on level 5, only started it this week and it's coming together already.

This is what you guys will see

This is what I see.

I've managed to speed up a lot of the plotting routines this past week or so ( I've moved over to ASC2.0 which is fantastic, it feels like it's not actually compiled any changes it's so quick and it reduces the file size a bit too ) which means I've been able to drop a parallax layer in level 5.
( Also after my previous post I looked at the level construction times. They've been speeded up like a billion percent. Where the larger levels could take up to 5-10 seconds to plot they now take under 2 ). 

Also we've got this nice lens flare effect which you can kinda see in the top grab. I guess you could call it a HDR effect and really alters the whole lighting of the level. Maybe I'll try and grab a clip of it as it really is one of those effects you need to see in action.

Ok that's it for today, someone's got to do a million white rectangle collision boxes for this level.


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