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The middle of June, so soon ?

I didn't realise I've been neglecting the blog like a prisoner trapped in my basement dungeon for so long ( Best you forget all about that basement dungeon thing ).

So what's new pussy cat ? I've finally added the sentry gun, so all the weapons are complete now.


You can see the area it covers ( Still only placeholder art for now ), and it just rotates between those two points unleashing hell on anything which comes into it's line of fire.

I was concerned it was going to be over powered, but it doesn't seem to be. The real test will be in Swarm mode, so hopefully next week ( I've got some client work which needs killing off, which is partly to explain the lack of updates here ) I'll finally get to add a Swarm level in there which will be good for testing.

We got some great feedback recently, and one of the things which came up was the aliens were seen as being a little too fool hardy, so I've tweaked their AI slightly ( Again Swarm mode would be the best place to test this ), so for the larger "Tank" aliens instead of just moving randomly when they are first triggered [ Off screen ] they start path finding towards the player. Not exactly what was meant by the feedback, but it won't make the game any worse for doing it.

The past week, between html games, I've been working on the new terminal.

Lux has done a great job in redesigning how it works. We've stripped out a lot of the filler from the original one ( No Plan 9 From Outer Space this time ) and it's a lot tighter and easier to use because of that.

Obviously coding it has been a complete bitch, but it's getting there. All the weapons are done, so just the supplies left and a large chunk of in-game UI will be ticked off my list.

Installed the new Flash CC yesterday. It's really good so far, it's like what Flash should be. One of the reasons I've been itching to get hold of it, aside from it making the level design much less painful ( On complicated levels, like the planet based level 3, Flash doesn't work in real time. You move up 10px you get the spinning wheel. Hopefully Flash CC will remove that ) is the LZMA compression it offers.
I had a quick play with using Flash CC to build the game using that, as opposed to Flash Builder, and the release build file size went from 12.3meg to 11.7meg, which is a really good saving.

In terms of a rough road map, I think I'm going to be working on the terminal the rest of this week and then hopefully next week I'll be able to add one Swarm level into the game, which is perfect for testing a lot of things. We've also got loads of exciting news that's just around the corner, in fact it's been just around the corner for weeks now, which is maddening. But we're getting closer, and I can't wait to share. It's pretty fucking cool.


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  • Fuego

    6/22/2013 6:04:25 AM |

    Righteous, Squize. I'll have to give this sentry gun a try and see what I can do with it. A swarm map? Now that's going to be cool. :-)
    About this news, I can't wait to hear it either, I'm pretty sure it's going to be great.
    By the way, I'm curious: what are the html games you're working on?

  • Squize

    6/23/2013 6:11:12 PM |

    Just client ones mate, I can't really say on here as it's covered by an NDA, but they're games in the loosest sense ( Spot the Difference to me isn't really a game, like a jigsaw puzzle isn't ).

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