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The size of this thing

I'm well overdue posting here aren't I, and in saying that this is only going to be a very brief post.

Currently I'm restructuring the bullet code in the game, which has a knock on effect that I have to update the baddies, and what we call "Noninteractive baddies". These are objects we treat as a kind of baddie so one set of code can handle both, so for example they're triggers for playing music stabs, enabling the flies, the large fan shadows etc. Basically everything which isn't a physics object, like a crate or a desk, or a baddie.

I've just done a quick count up whilst going through them, and there are currently 96 of these objects. That's a hell of a lot of unique things in a game. Also on the subject of numbers, there are 232 sounds in the game, and I can see that rising to at least 250.

This is a beast of a game.

Back to it for me, this soul destroying updating won't do itself. Maybe next time we can talk about Swarm mode seeing how that's back in the game now.


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  • bas

    7/11/2013 7:57:33 PM |

    Porting this over to another platform is going to be a breeze ;-)

  • Squize

    7/12/2013 2:17:49 PM |

    Well from the very start it was planned that way mate, so all the display calls are abstracted so I can easily swap it over for stage3D.
    Ha, if only. It's going to take months to get this running under Starling.

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