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The Real World of Games

Moms have tried their level best to prevent their kids from holing up in their rooms with their eyes glued to a computer screen and their hands busy at the controls of that new gaming console. But video game enthusiasts have found a way to beat this hurdle and prove to the older generation that these seemingly useless ways of passing time do have their practical uses in the real world that we inhabit.

•    Video game technology has been used with varying degrees of success to teach children with autism at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. The games are effective teaching environments because of their richness and continuous nature. Video games have also been used by researchers at the University of Edinburg and the Glasgow Caledonian University to study cognitive skills in autistic children by using software that recognizes gestures and movements and translates them to the screen. This would help bring out skills that they possess but are unable to showcase because of their inability to speak.
•    Video games are being used as tools to teach business prep programs by global accounting firm Deloitte & Touche USA to help develop their future talent pool. High school children are invited to participate in a gaming competition that will test their skills in conducting and planning events and raising virtual money. The games help them learn business, ethics, money management and decision making.

•    Virtual gaming worlds like Second Life are being used as 3D simulators to view plans and diagrams of real world drawings in three dimensions as opposed to the flat two dimensions we see on paper. The realistic drawings are used to conduct training programs and make changes to the system as well.

•    Corporate houses are saving tons of money by using Second Life as a gallery to showcase their advertisements, posters and other design materials in 3D settings to employees and clients all over the world without having to travel miles to achieve the same. There’s also the fact that this move reduces the amount of fossil fuels used up in traveling and hence is beneficial to the environment.

•    More and more surgeons are taking to video games now that there’s a study done that proves that game-playing improves the dexterity of their fingers and helps them during surgeries.

•    Moviemakers are using 3D gaming environments to simulate three dimensional models of characters in different poses and styles in record time. In a life prior to Second Life, physical models would have to be built and tested to achieve the same effect.

The future of gaming holds a lot of promise – we may be able to visit a supermarket from home, pick up things from shelves and feel them before we use an online checkout cart, all in the near future too.

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