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They're golden, and they're balls

Had a quick google to discover that Golden Balls, the game I did the middle of last year for Endemol gaming is finally online ( Has been for a while apparently ).

It's a bit more text heavy than the version I finished up, and it looks like the contestants disappear on level 2, only appearing on mouse over ( Although my work monitors aren't the best so it could be my eyes ), but it's pretty much as I left it.

You can play it in demo mode, which means you don't have to gamble cash for real, and I've got to be honest I found it quite a fun game to play during it's development ( Which was a sweet one too, contracted for 8 weeks, turned it 'round in under 15 days, which meant I was freed up to work on GOL. That's how long ago I worked on it ).

It's well worth a quick play, although remember it's hosted on a gambling site before you go a clicking.


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