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If you come here often you might have seen the screenshots of the "random mine" game, well this one won't make it to a full game.
There's a good reason of course (actually there are a good number of reasons).
I still like the appeal of random created levels, but this one didn't quite work as well as I thought. The early alpha version showed that a jump & run game needs carefully designed levels in order to be fun and you can't fake that by adding elements from other genres.
That was something I discovered pretty early in development and changed the idea from "really random" to "random pieces" or blocks.
This created levels that were playable, but in worst case quite repetitive. The obvious thing to do was to create more variations of the basic tiles (or parts). 

These are the basic blocks the generator used.

A version of the 0101 block.

I create a set of variations for the blocks (each one uses 30*20 ingame tiles) which worked well at a first glance.  But due to the random nature could appear multiple times in a large map. That drained the fun more than I expected. In the end it proved as much work to create varied and fun blocks as to create a whole level.
Tough decission, but I didn't want to design a jump & run game, I wanted to write code that does that for me.

Zipped and stored away for later use.


So while Squize works on an AAA title I'm back at the beginning of a new project.


You've seen Knuckles (I think he might change a bit in the end), the main character in the Unity game I decided to do (that mine game should have been done in Unity in the first place, too - but flash seemed to be make a faster development possible).

The Idea for Nuckle's game evolved from a 2d sidescroller into a 3d game, so using Unity seems the better choice - even though there's the promissing stage3d api around.

Right now I'm focussing on the controls, aiming at a mouse only controlable game, but adding optional keys for movement. I think point 'n' click controls are what I'll use in the end.
But first there's a lot of stuff to code for the first level and I need to find ways to wire things in the game (like alarms and lights) to create an working environment.
If that proves to be "fun", more things can be added for the later levels (guards, cameras, more types of alarms and security).


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  • FlashMush

    12/5/2011 10:19:10 PM |

    It looks like it's coming along quite well.

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