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Week IV

Another pretty productive week on DN8:Pulse.

Particle orgy

I've managed to get all the player power-ups in there, and today added the first boss ( Which doesn't sound all that, but it meant doing the whole "Warning" text stuff which took a while to design nicely ).

We're currently up to 5 levels done out of 12, which is pretty good going. Also quite a bit of time has been spent on the Android version, the control mode is finally nailed in that now, it plays much better than I'd have hoped and we're not sacrificing too much visually ( Less particles, fewer use of blendModes etc. but in terms of gameplay it's exactly the same ).

I also checked how my phone, HTC Desire S, performs in comparison to other Android devices, and it seems pretty poorly actually ( Not that you can tell from the phone itself, it's silky smooth ), which is good news as the game isn't dropping too many frames on it. Anyone with a newer phone / tablet should get a really good 30fps experience with it.

And before this turns into an advert rather than a dev update I'll wish you a fond farewell until next time.


PS. Outpost:Swarm should be gold, or near as damn it, we're hoping for final feedback this Friday, so hopefully some news about that soon.

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  • FlashMush

    3/21/2012 7:22:38 PM |

    Still looking awesome! Can't wait.

  • Matthew

    3/23/2012 9:57:01 AM |

    Charges Transformer Prime in anticipation...

  • Squize

    3/23/2012 2:58:43 PM |

    Cheers boys.

    Bit of a confession, that screen shot is of a bug, a couple of bosses got stuck on screen and just started spewing the bullets out, and it looked too pretty not to take a grab. The fact that it stayed at a rock solid 30fps didn't upset me though to be honest :)

  • Porter

    3/24/2012 2:00:04 AM |

    That looks amazing. I haven't checked any of your development posts yet (aside from this one), but I'll have to do that soon. I love the look of the bullets, I really need to mess with blend modes myself at some point. I'm a sucker for any kind of shooter, especially those with bullet hell elements, so I look forward to seeing this. Also, impressive that you have it running on a phone, with good controls, can't wait to see that.

  • Squize

    3/24/2012 5:03:58 PM |

    Hey mate.

    Yeah blendModes are instant nice, they make any coder art look 10 times better. They come with a cost of course, but stage3D  is just mental, it's like when we got bitmapData back in the day, it just opens up so many new things ( And that's why I'm basically reskinning a year old game ;) ).
    As to the phone port, Adobe have had so much shit lately, and deservedly so for their botched PR in their race to HTML5 gold, but Air3.2 is just an amazing piece of software. I'm using exactly the same code, I just have a Config class which sets things like the number of particles per explosion based on where its running, and can just publish to the browser or the phone straight from FDT. I'm surprised it runs at all, never mind 30fps on a pretty middle of the road phone.

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