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Week whatever

We're getting there.

New in from last time are Perks. These are as you'd expect, unlocked at a certain rank and there are 3 available at once from a total of 6. There's nothing really earth shattering about them, it was more a way to justify XP / Challenges ( Which I've still got to do, but can't really face ).

Also we've got more levels in there now, I'm just starting on level 9 ( It's a bit of a slog ), there are some asteroids in the background to go with the planets which add a little something and the save routines have been tidied up a lot.

I'm trying to think what else has gone in there, obviously nothing too astounding otherwise I'd remember it ( I will the second I post this ). Hopefully either tonight or tomorrow I should get some new music and player sprites to go in there which I'm really looking forward to. Ah, pause mode, I think that's new from last week. How grasping at straws am I.

Shall we do a little beta ? If you fancy giving it a go post a comment and I'll hopefully post something up tomorrow ( via email, not the blog ) and then you can let me know I'm deluded and it's not really all that. Cool, it's a date then.


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  • Matthew

    3/28/2012 5:39:35 PM |

    You know I'm up for beta

  • Vex

    3/29/2012 2:28:21 PM |

    Always willing to do some testing.. Can test on multiple Android platforms too.. :)

  • Squize

    3/29/2012 4:56:33 PM |

    Cheers boys.

    Ade I'll def take you up on some Android testing if that's ok. I've been focusing on the main build for the past couple of days so it may be next week before the Android version is ready to really test.


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