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Well at least the logo is done

Managed to knock up a logo I'm happy with last night, then added a bit of RGB Bumb Mapping, like so


Which looks really pretty when moving, and adds some much needed colour to a pretty drab game. In terms of cpu use it's pretty costly, but with only buttons on the title screen I should be able to get way with it.

The actual theory behind how to do the bump mapping was taken from the always excellent unitzeroone, then just ported to as3 and given a couple of tweaks ( The ADD blendmode is your mate here ).

Getting ever closer to it being a proper game.


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  • Porter

    10/24/2009 3:24:26 AM |

    Nice looking logo, the color definitely adds to it. I'll have to check the game out when it's done, I'm sure I'll see your post announcing it when the time comes.

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