Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

When I was growing up...

...Melody Maker and NME were essential reading ( Along with Viz ).

I thought the only time I'd get to see a news story on involving something I'd done would be if I attacked a celebrity ( Stephen Hawkins would be my first choice as I'd fancy my chances, I mean that nurse had a good go, but not quite indie pop enough to make the pages of nme ), but thanks to the miracle of paid for placement advertising, the Invaders Must Die game is being pimped on there. Sweet.

Have a look here and see us move up in the world, in between stories about the Strokes and Babyshambles. Could we be any more rock 'n roll ?


PS. We're on the nuts front-page right now too, but you're really not going to play my game there are you. Be honest. No, I didn't think so.

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