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Xbox, we love you

I know there wasn't a lot of love for the Mii360's when it was announced, if you own a 360 by default you're a hard core gamer. Leave the avatars to Nintendo.

But... they're kinda more-ish. Here's what Olli and I look like when made of polygons.


Obviously Olli isn't a child who's only been fed salt sandwiches for 6 months, nor am I a giant whose only eaten cake for 6 months ( I didn't realise the difference in size until 2 seconds ago when I uploaded them both. It looks like I could, and possibly will, eat Olli ).

Because we like looking at strangers who we don't really care about, here's how to link to your avatar,

So feel free to post a link in the comments, just so we can be surprised at whose's actually bald, or wears a dress, or is nothing like how we pictured them.
Or even better, if you've made your avatar look like some one famous, and not just the usual staples ( Mr. T, that's the avatar equivalent of going to a fancy dress party as the fucking Blues Brothers ) but the likes of Jesus, Charlie Mansion, the midget from Fantasy Island, John Wayne Gacy in his clown outfit. The more twisted the better actually.

Also if you just want the smaller gamer pic version, link to

Although that only works if you've taken / saved a snap shot of your new avatar as your gamer pic ( It won't link to the pre-NXE gamer pics ).

( Here's me again, trying to get my gamer pic to look like the last person in the world you'd ever want to be stuck in a lift with


Mental Mii ).


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  • Tom

    11/26/2008 8:45:09 PM |

    I always imagined oli to be the taller one.. strange that!

    Looks like you cant get html in these comments so link to my avatar is above..

  • Squize

    11/26/2008 9:15:21 PM |

    Cool, thanks for sharing Mii you mate :)

    ( Anyone else wanting to see Tom in his pixel glory, click his name link beneath the comment ).

    I've got a deadline this Friday, an unmovable game gotta be gold deadline, that if I work 20 hours a day for the next couple of days I may possibly hit.
    And yet... I want to make an avatar that looks like David Koresh because I think you could get something looking just like him, and 'cause it'll tickle me.

  • Jeff

    11/28/2008 4:00:42 AM |

    Seriously, it looks like Rich could consume Ollie in one bite!  Those look great though, really really cool.

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