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Xtreme Coding [ Hardly ]

I'm starting a little experiment today. It could either prove to be something quite cool, or I'll really fall flat on my face with it. Lucky that I don't mind either way really.

Rather than doing a diary style collection of posts about a specific game's development, I'm going to post daily builds. Every day I work on it, even if it's just to tweak a sprites position quickly 'cause it's bugging me, I'll upload that new build.

Now this doesn't mean I'm going to be working on it every day. There aren't going to be a nice collection of sequential posts here until it's done. This is a personal project + Christmas is coming up, and life just isn't so smooth as to allow that.
If I get an urgent job come in then this is on the back burner straight away.

Also if you stick with this ( Never mind me sticking with it ) you're going to see versions which crash, versions which are buggy, versions with no preloader so you're looking at a blank screen for a while. It's a true game in development. I'm not going to fluff it up for you guys, or put some spin on it and work 8 days on it and then pretend that's just 1 day. It's going to be the same as that game you've got in development on your hd, with all the traces that say "Sprite collision failed, wtf?" and all the nasty things that you'd have to hide from the clients build.

That's the caveat out of the way. What are the good parts to this project after all the negative ? I guess that's down to you guys. If you find it interesting then the blog is doing it's job.

X. That's the game. It's an old asteroids clone that I did years ago ( It was my 2nd ever complete game, 2003 some time ? It was part of the "Majestic Trilogy" of games. I'll dig out a link for a future post ).
I've already done a reskin of it, X+, but for some reason that has never seen the light of day. I was looking at it recently and realised it's just a bit too dated now to use, it's as1 so publishing it for F8 so I can use the blendModes in there is really a lot of trouble, so it's either release something that's not as good as it should be, or re-writing it in as3. X++ it is then.

I'm weird when it comes to coding. I know a lot of developers just like to get in there and get the engine working, and then work back from that. I'm very linear, like a bad fps. I need to start from the beginning, the title screen. It's important to get that look & feel in place to set the tone for the rest of the game.
So that's what we've got, a title screen. There are buttons that rollOver, but don't lead anywhere. The background image is a place holder as we're going to have a flv running there instead ( I did have a flv to test in place, borrowed from here ( Click the video button ) but it bumped the file to 9meg, so it's been reduced to a static image until we get the final render done ).

Enough words, here's the front-page for the xtreme coding experiment

More soon, although I'm going to try avoid saying what's coming, 'cause it usually falls through and I go off and do something else.


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  • Jon... (Techdojo)

    12/12/2008 12:15:41 PM |

    Oddly enough I'm trying a similar tactic with my first forays into flash games development.  I set myself the goal of converting / remaking the 80's classic Spectrum game SabreWulf.

    You can find the latest version online at I did this so I can share the latest builds with friends without having to keep emailing them builds etc, also it meant I could hopefully generate a bit interest from people who might want to help out with resources etc.

    I've also added a "microblog" to the page which is basically a reverse orded list of what's new in each update, along with a TODO list so I can remind myself what's next (also give's me inspiration so I can track progress).  I'd like to try and get some RSS like automatic notification working directly on that page, but I'm not quite sure how to set it up.

    Anyway good luck with the experiment, I'll keep watching..


  • Squize

    12/12/2008 2:30:29 PM |

    That is great!

    It's a game I thought about doing ages ago in Flash, think I've even got a fla somewhere, but I lost interest really quickly ( But always thought it was an ideal port to Flash ).

    I wonder how many people remember SabreWulf was the first game to go out at the £9.99 mark, and we all shuddered that games could be that expensive ( Although for KnightLore it was worth that kind of silly money ).

    Jon, thanks for making me feel very young again mate. Please keep us updated here with the progress when you get chance.

  • Jeff Fulton

    12/12/2008 5:56:46 PM |

    Great stuff, Squize. So far it looks absolutely fantastic, and I love Asteroids style games, so I'll be following it closely and adding it to my weekly updates (of course). Thanks for giving us an insight into your dev process, warts and all.

  • ickydime

    12/12/2008 8:55:15 PM |

    the frame rate is outstanding  :)

    looking forward to seeing some busted gameplay.  

  • Tom

    12/13/2008 2:46:32 PM |

    Great stuff.. looking forward to following your progress on this one..

    Out of interest will you be bothering to obfuscate the stuff you post? I would like to post where i am upto on my current project but am reluctant to post unobfuscated SWFs (i normally leave that job to the portal!) :-S

  • ickydime

    12/15/2008 3:13:13 PM |

    @Tom, good question.  I got a game engine I have been chipping away at for awhile now, but haven't posted much partly because I am not sure whether or not I should encrypt it.

  • Squize

    12/15/2008 6:08:41 PM |

    Hi guys, thanks for the great response.

    Ironic ( That seems to be a common theme here ) that as soon as I start this I get hit by the pre-Christmas cold that I'm sure most people get, and feel like crap, although there is an update to post.

    Jeff, I know you're an asteroids boy :)

    Thanks icky, hopefully it'll stay that smooth with what I've got planned.

    As to the encryption question, I did think about this at first. I'm not overly worried, I mean it's only going to be asteroids, so in terms of code I don't know if there will be anything worth stealing.
    In terms of stealing a beta version and spreading that... that's something that could be really ugly. My first thoughts with that was to watermark the game, but I know that's not overly secure, but I really don't want to have to encrypt it every day before uploading it here.
    So... I don't know yet :) I'd say I'll probably not bother.

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