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You never can have enough rendertime ...

As promised in an earlier post here two (still working on a third one) stills from the intro of my "private" game:

Welcome to the Secret University, home to many soon to be wizards.

What now looks like a friendly night, ...

Both rendered at a resolution of 5120x2880 px (ugly to lose all this detail in those resized images, though), taking about 19h rendertime each. My plan is to use the way smaller version (my hope is to get it rendered at 480x270 (16:9) in a moderate filesize, using some 250 frames per shot (a day shot, a night shot and the secret third one)  in order to tell the story. Some earlier tests have shown that the animated clouds, the moving sun/moon and some wind moving all the grass and the leaves simply looks incredible. Yep and I know this is a bit much for a flash game - but hey - one should have dreams.

I hope I get the third shot done by Thursday this week and then start to lay out the animation.

Oh, you might noticed that this isn't quite the way it works usually (first doing a *lot* of artwork and later do the game), but this time I decided to do all the frontend stuff first and then add the game, call me stupid, will ya?
Ok, one of the reasons is that I needed to get my head away from flash while working on the code for the client's games and applications, and doing 3d is the way to keep me sane at the moment.

While typing this, I forgot to mention that the game as a name now, though this is for the next post.


ps: happy easter :)

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