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A trip to the hair stylist

More character overhauling. 

I decided to test a short hair look and I found that I really like it (and I don't have to animate the pony tail as an added bonus)


I also finished combining the different maps into a single 2048x2048 one (well one for diffuse, specular, gloss and bump) - thank fuck there's something like UVWxform that allows to offset UVWs via numbers instead of having to move the UVWs by hand. I also fixed the eyelashes and moved them into their own texture (as they are the only part that needs alpha).
-- olli

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  • Elmar Talibzade

    4/17/2016 3:09:05 PM |


    I really love your blog and therefore decided to include it into my list of game development resources, which you can find here:

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