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Overhauled main character - or isn't there something else to do?

When you look at a game character every fucking single day (like during my daily 2h indie dev time) it gets harder to ignore things you don't like every time. First these little things just annoy, then they piss you off.

One of these things was the game's main character's low poly version. I used auto-reduction purely because it saved a few hours of manual polygon reduction. It's quick, but it almost never works well enough. So last week I started to rework the low poly mesh and then added some more time to give the whole model an overhaul. The result not only looks better, but also saves 1k polygons ...

Not that it really matters considering the size the character is shown in the game (or that anyone would notice).

Here are two more comparison images, hands and the jacket:


I know I should be working on the code side of the game and finally adding the goon back in (which will get an overhaul as well), but it is good to have that out of the system.

Speaking about systems, I still want to do a post about the minimalistic FSM thing I wrote for the game (to replace the clumsy pseudo FSM like construct I was using so far) - well next time.

-- olli
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