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So, whats the plan, Stan ?

Firstly, hello blog, it's been a while. A very long while.

There is a valid reason behind that, I just couldn't be arsed. It takes two seconds to write a tweet, a blog post with true depth and insight takes a lot longer. Even a rushed crap post like this still takes a while.

Ok, so I've been working on Rot:Purge forever now. Getting a full time job a couple of months into its development didn't really speed things up.

To try and get some light at the end of this very long tunnel the current plan for the game is to release a Swarm ( / Horde ) mode version, just to get it out there. That way I get some vital feedback and people actually get to play the game, which is crazy talk I know.

A picture with no real context, because, blogs.

The other benefits of this approach, aside the main one of me keeping my sanity, is that it's achievable. It's viable to push out a one level Swarm demo with reduced UI and game mechanics.

It's either go with Rot Swarm, or the game doesn't see the light of day for a long long while, and by then any issues will be too firmly entrenched. Basically I think it's a win all round, and obviously the Swarm mode will be free, with the aim to update it constantly ( It's just going to launch with the town square level, but there are three other levels already waiting in the wings, they just need some improvements retro fitting to them )

So that Stan, is a very quick update of the plan going forward. I'm hoping to make more time for posting here again, where we can get down and dirty about the game a lot more, gameplay choices, the voxel tech etc.


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