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Welcome back.

Well, time flies. 

A few days ago (actually weeks now) we sat together and talked about the neglected blog and what a shame it is that the (dated) visuals prevented us from adding new posts (lame but this is how things work).

Anyway, the blog also needed to be moved to new server and the software needed an update as well, so we decided that this would be the time to do it. Or maybe tomorrow. Or next Monday. Or next weekend ... oh that was last year? Fuck!

here we are, on a new server, the newest version of the blog software and a new design (which is, I must admit, the default design slightly modified).

A lot has happened since the last post (a new year for instance, which is already 1/3 over), Squize is working on a really impressive html5 game (I'll nudge him to do some posts about it) and I've been busy writing non game software and just prototyping and doing a good deal of 3d character work in my spare time.

We'll try to get up to speed again with the blog, so hopefully there will be a shitload of new articles ...

-- Olli

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